The transformations of late have expanded the opportunities and mitigated the risks of cross border Sino-American acquisitions and investment. Chinese and American firms that take advantage of these opportunities will enhance their value and maximize their global potential.


ChinaPlus Capital, with 125 years of cross border and industry experience, is committed to the success of these initiatives. The size and manner of ChinaPlus allows us to devote senior attention to all deals, while a comprehensive, common sense process assures that our clients’ goals are met in a timely, cost effective manner.


ChinaPlus has a strong network of resources in America and China across a wide range
of industries:


ChinaPlus works primarily with established and successful mid-market companies that are seeking to go to the next level with their international agenda. An optimum transaction size would be in the $10 to $100 million range, depending upon the extent and complexity of the anticipated final relationship.

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