The ChinaPlus Capital Advisory Services supports both U.S. firms seeking to expand into China and private equity firms seeking a platform for value and growth. The changes in today’s China are dynamic and substantial. With almost every year’s GDP growing at double digit rates, the domestic markets for industrial and consumer products are showing continuous ability to flourish. Furthermore, with the strengthening of the rule of law and the improved protection of intellectual properties, many western firms are able to safely realize overall corporate growth rates unachievable with a limited domestic growth alone.


ChinaPlus, led by senior directors who have extensive management and leadership experience
in the U.S., fully recognizes the concerns of western companies and offer a comprehensive understanding of those concerns and knowledge of the actions necessary to achieve value and security.


ChinaPlus will Initially Focus on Three Key Objectives


  Targeting the best possible investment, joint venture or acquisition opportunities for our client.
   We work with our clients to understand their unique goals and constraints while emphasizing
   value, security and organizational fit.


  Constant evaluation of every element including the people, the business, the relationships
   and the conditions with the goal to minimize risk throughout and beyond the transaction.


  Continuously working to secure the most advantageous and reasonable transaction terms
   for our client


Key Elements of the ChinaPlus Direct Investment Advisory Process


  Conduct exhaustive research to identify pertinent investment opportunities


  Thoroughly investigate investment opportunities to verify the firm's performance and uncover
  potential risks


  Investigate the history and reputations of the key personnel


  Prepare valuation analysis, accounting for all relevant risk factors and possible future scenarios


  Analyze investment structures to maximize flexibility for operations and follow on investment
  and taxation optimization


  Formulate a negotiation strategy and negotiate deal terms to ensure alignment of long term
  interests and to control investment risk (as well as appropriate exit strategies)


  Facilitate a smooth transaction, including structuring and approvals


  Monitor and evaluate the ongoing operational and financing needs of the business to identify
  and plan for future needs

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