Although the ChinaPlus Capital services approaches each client assignment in a results oriented, unique and disciplined manner, ChinaPlus is also acutely sensitive to the key factors facing international growth such as accuracy, expedience, integrity of principles and positive financial results. With these forces in mind, ChinaPlus proceeds within a proven and efficient process,
born from experience and insight.

Phase 2


    Secured with an executed non-disclosure agreement
    the targeted company and your company are formally introduced. Preliminary information is exchanged and principals introduced.


    Provided information and independent data are analytically reviewed, modeled and evaluated in conjunction with your company’s resources.


    Potential transaction is defined, structured and memorialized in the form of a comprehensive Letter
    of Intent or Memorandum of Understanding. As and
    when needed, professional resources are identified
    and engaged such as legal, audit and other services
    in case your company may not have its own.


    ChinaPlus, your company, the target company and necessary resources work collaboratively to negotiate
    the terms and conditions of the transaction, perform
    due diligence, identify and secure any and all necessary governmental requirements and approvals, arrange
    all necessary financial transfers and finally create and agree upon all final documentation.


    Execute on all necessary documentation and complete the process.


    Our senior partners meet with the key leaders and decision makers of your company to listen and best understand your objectives.


    Together we define your company's objectives and outline a strategy that meets those objectives.


    Our research professionals investigate the local industry conditions, participants and opportunities and identify potential strategic targets or partners. A resulting detailed report of the investigation and research is presented.


    Companies of interest and their key people are reviewed and confidentially contacted to determine potential interest in developing an international relationship
    with your company, the undisclosed “interest” firm.


    From the company's input along with the analysis
    of its research, ChinaPlus will bring together a prioritized summation of the opportunities that may best fit the company's objectives and the conditions of the international investment marketplace.


    Together we define an executable strategy that best realizes your company’s objectives. We prioritize target companies to approach and present your company for the purpose of possibly entering into a defined strategic relationship.

Phase 1

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